Like any revolutionary product launching for its first time, the Bumper Buddy fender is bound to leave boaters with many questions–which we are eager to answer. Check out our frequently asked questions (FAQ) video or scroll down to find your answer. For any additional questions, please reach us via the contact button below. 

What are the dimensions of Bumper Buddy fenders?

Each Bumper Buddy fender is 32 in. x 18” in. x 3.5” in
Designed by industry experts, our fender provides more protective coverage against high-risk impacts and abrasions than ever before.

Will Bumper Buddy Fenders work for my boat?

The Bumper Buddy fender system is typically used by 20-40 ft long recreational boats. However, we understand that each boat has unique needs. Recreational boats outside of that range may also benefit from our innovative, state-of-the-art fender.

Each mooring situation is different. However, for optimal protection, we’d generally recommend that smaller boats use two fenders per side and larger boats use three fenders per side.

Can you use Bumper Buddy on vertical dock posts?

Yes. Each Bumper Buddy fender has a built-in, state-of-the-art Strap Tunnel System. By running a buckle strap through any of the tunnels on the back side of the fender, boaters are able to tighten their Bumper Buddy as needed against virtually any vertical post–quickly and easily. For more information, visit our "How to Use" page.

How do you store Bumper Buddy?

Our team recognizes that such a large fender can be difficult for some boat owners to store–especially with smaller recreational boats. We hope that boaters understand this sole downside is a result of prioritizing boat protection above anything else.

Thus, for smaller boats, we’d recommend that you purchase our two-pack “Buddy Bag” promotion for easy transit on and off the boat.

For larger boats, our “Buddy Bag” promotion provides organized storage for a major discount, but you can also opt to simply place your Bumper Buddy fenders inside of your boat’s storage compartments.

How do you clean Bumper Buddy?

Although our EVA fender rarely needs to be cleaned in a marine setting, Bumper Buddy can be simply wiped down with soap and water or a gentle, generic cleaning solution.

What is Bumper Buddy made of?

Each fender is constructed from extremely durable, high-density EVA foam. Rather than rolling or shifting during impact (like existing boat fenders), Bumper Buddy’s EVA and built-in interior compression system absorbs shock–staying put to protect your boat.

Our unique EVA blend was carefully formulated to be mold and mildew resistant, waterproof, buoyant, UV protected, and more resistant to surface scratches than any other EVA fender on the market.

Why did you invent Bumper Buddy?

Bumper Buddy co-founders Carlie and Charlie Long have spent every summer of their lives at Lake Okoboji, Iowa. However, by the end of each boating season, there was always unnecessary damage to their family’s boat–usually a result of insufficient, outdated fender technology that’s been around for decades.

Therefore, with fresh business degrees and an intense ambition to fix a long-term problem, the twins spent several years designing and patenting Bumper Buddy, the Revolutionary Boat Fender–the fender that they needed just as much as the fellow, enthusiastic boating community they grew up with.

What took us so long to create?

Due to Bumper Buddy’s industry-leading size, boat protection has never been so easily attainable. However, this major feat in innovation was no small task. Bumper Buddy’s development required several years of communication with over 400 international EVA foam manufacturers. Settling for smaller dimensions or outdated technology would’ve saved our team a substantial amount of valuable time. However, since our fender’s inception, we’ve been unwilling to sacrifice the dimensions that the boating industry has needed for half a century. Thus, it thrills us to finally deliver this truly revolutionary boat fender to boaters who are just as passionate as we are.
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